Bert's Students

Bert's students span the spectrum from novice to experienced; from young to young-at-heart. His classes might include strangers (who often become friends!) or corporate groups who discover new "out-of-office" skills and camaraderie.

Many of his students have shared their enthusiasm with Bert and now, with their permission, Bert shares their enthusiasm with you.

"What a terrific experience! My two sisters and I -- all novices to the sport -- took a two-day course with Bert and we loved it.  Bert loves fly fishing and he is such a great teacher.  Each of us learned enough in the two days to now fly fish on our own.  We can't stop talking about the experience (or the sport) and we highly recommend it!.. In fact, now we want to send our husbands to the course."
- Kathy VanNoy-Pineda
"Bert and his instructors put on expert casting clinics and did fly fishing discussions for two evenings in Central Park for Blaylock & Partners. They inspired both large groups to want to continue on with the sport."

- Ron Blaylock
Chairman and CEO
Blaylock & Partners

"Thanks again for the wonderful experience that you provided -- it was the perfect combination of information and recreation, all in a beautiful setting.  My sons and I will always remember the excellent casting demonstrations and hands-on teaching, and we all now know all we ever wanted regarding flies, nymphs, and knots."
- Dr. John Grizzard

My time spent fly fishing with Bert on the Beaverkill was memorable.  Bert was generous and willing to share his many years of Catskills fly fishing experiences with me.  I was amazed by his focus and attention to details when he was pointing out where to find trout.  Bert knows where the trout are!
 - Jim Madden, Jr.

"Your instruction was both expert and non-intimidating, and I left with a deep appreciation for the art and lore of fly fishing.  I felt that I definitely came away with the building blocks that will serve me well in what I hope will be a lifelong pursuit.
- Dr. Phillip LaBove

Your skill and ability, along with patience and pleasant preparation, demonstrates a total expertise of the sport.
- Camille Fischer

Bert’s guiding expertise on the Catskill streams helped me catch and release a beautiful 20-inch brown trout.”
 - Dr. Herbert Zaccheo

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